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Action Consensus 2020

First of all: The action consensus has emerged in the process of the last years and has developed further and further. In comparison to last year, the main changes are that we have expanded the field of action to include gas, that we have included the current COVID19 topic and that we have expanded the consensus to include aspects of intersectionality and awareness.

Ende Gelände – Action Consensus 2020

The Action Consensus is a binding framework for this Ende Gelände action. Many groups, individuals and working groups have developed it in a collective process in open plenary sessions and decided on it by consensus. It is therefore very important to us.

The action consensus is a prerequisite for the Ende Gelände action to be transparent and easy to assess for all participants; it conveys that we also pay attention to each other and support each other in an action with many people. As Ende Gelände we say what we do and will do what we say. All people who join this agreement are heartily invited to take part in the Ende Gelände action.

From 23 to 28 September 2020 we, together with many people, will, through actions of civil disobedience, mightily disrupt the smooth running of the mining and extraction of fossil fuels in and around the Rhineland. With this we will set an example against the further mining and burning of fossil energy sources and the destruction of villages for fossil capitalism in Germany and worldwide. In view of the urgency of the climate crisis and in view of the developments of recent months, we consider it necessary and appropriate to go one step further: from public protest to civil disobedience.

Our forms of action are openly announced blockades of fossil infrastructure, such as coal and gas. We will also be visible in the areas affected by the mining of fossil fuels. Our actions offer a wide range of participation opportunities based on the successful Ende Gelände actions in the years 2015 to 2019. Whether experienced in action or not, everyone should be able to participate: We will block relevant infrastructure such as railways, roads or excavators.

The end of the blockade will be discussed in consultation with the support structures and the plenum of delegates. If small groups want to maintain the blockade beyond that, with or without tools (e.g. lock-ons), individual EG (Ende Gelände) and support structures decide whether and how they can continue to support them. We will remain calm and level-headed; we will not endanger people. We will block and occupy with our bodies. It is not our aim to destroy or damage infrastructure. We will not be held back by structural obstacles. We will pass through or surround police or plant security barriers. Our action will convey an image of diversity, creativity and openness. Our action is not directed against the workers or the police. The safety of the participating activists, the workers and all those involved is our top priority.

In order to meet the current developments around the COVID-19 pandemic, Ende Gelände has intensively dealt with the topic on different levels prior to the mass action 2020 and developed extensive hygiene concepts to keep the risk of infection low. For example, the number of activists coming together will be reduced by organizing on many smaller contact points instead of on one large joint EG camp, by preparing and serving food according to special hygienic standards, by adapting logistic processes, etc. Besides, wearing masks is nothing new for us, only that this time we start wearing them already on arrival. We adhere to the hygiene concepts that were developed during the preparation.

We prepare well for a safe route to our places of action.

We come from different social movements and political spectrums. Together we take responsibility for the success of the action. We want to create a situation that is transparent for all participants and in which we respect and support each other. We will prepare for the blockade together with action trainings in advance.

We see ourselves as part of the movement for climate justice and are in solidarity with all those who resist the climate destruction caused by coal-fired power plants and the social and ecological consequences of fossil energy supply. Our struggles are feminist, antifascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist and against anti-Semitism. We are aware of everyday and structural discrimination among each other and by our environment and actively fight against it. We strive to offer space to those who experience discrimination and to strengthen the collective awareness and attention for it. For example, we do not want to reproduce toxic masculinity through dominant speech or appearance. We resolutely oppose any homophobic, nationalistic, racist, conspiracy ideological or other reactionary tendencies and attempts of infiltration.