Stop Coal. System Change now!

Call to action 2020

Decentralized blockade of Ende Gelände in the region of Rhineland from 23-28 September 2020.

We say: “Ende Gelände!” Disobedience for the sake of climate justice worldwide! Stop coal, save villages, dig away capitalism!

The Coal Extension Act keeps coal alive for another 18 years, using billions of euros. This is a slap in the face of those affected by the climate crisis and the climate justice movement worldwide. This complete political failure makes it impossible to keep global warming below the critical 1.5 degrees. Now it is all the more important to stop the coal production ourselves!

So come with us from September 23rd to 28th to the places of destruction in the region of Rhineland! The blockades will take place between September 25th and 27th, but plan enough time for before and after for preparation and follow-up. Using our bodies, we will place ourselves between the coal diggers and the threatened villages, to protect them. We will ensure that coal is phased out immediately and open the door to a fundamental system change.

Heat records, forest fires, thawing permafrost – while the climate crisis is worsening, rescue packages worth billions are once again being put together to give to destructive corporations. Regardless of whether it is a climate crisis or Covid-19, the government prefers to protect the capitalist system instead of creating a climate-friendly future and a public health system for everyone. The Covid-19 pandemic is costing lives worldwide and is exacerbating injustice. The climate crisis is permanently destroying the global basis of life. The next decade will determine whether the worst can still be averted. Therefore, we will take care to avoid infections, yet at the same time we cannot wait any longer. Together we use civil disobedience and stop the production of fossil fuels ourselves. It is also a question of global justice: those who do the least to contribute to global warming already suffer the most from the consequences.

The world we want to live in is a climate-friendly world – without fossil fuels, whether that is coal, gas or oil, and without environmental degradation for profit. In a capitalist economic system, that is not possible: the necessity of growth and maximization of profit cannot be achieved without exploiting people, animals and nature. Coal companies like RWE are destroying people’s homes around the world. In the Rhineland, entire villages are to be dug up for open-cast coal mining. The energy companies must be socialized so that we can make democratic decisions about production. The private ownership of fossil resources is undemocratic. We place ourselves in the path of this destructive madness. We will block the diggers with our bodies so that all the villages stay intact – both in the region of Rhineland and worldwide.

Our form of action is a publicly announced blockade with a wide range of opportunities to participate. We will behave calmly and prudently, using masks and implementing hygiene measures, we will protect ourselves and others. We will not escalate the situation and we will not put anyone in danger. We want to create a situation that is transparent for all participants and in which we respect each other and support each other.

The fight against coal moves into the next round! Stop capitalism, protect the climate!

Let’s go, let’s go, end the dig site – end of story, “Ende Gelände”!