Stop Coal. System Change now!

Get involved 2020

It’s great that you want to get involved in Ende Gelände.

On this page you will find information on how you can support us and the campaign. Of course, for most people the protest itself is what comes to mind first, but you can also get involved all year round.

1. In your region in the weeks leading up to the action
2. On site – before, during and after the action
3. Throughout the year

1. In your region in the weeks leading up to the action

  • Mobilize for the action by organizing an information event in your region!
    On this page you will find practical tips and advice on how to prepare and organize an information event, a presentation on Ende Gelände about the upcoming action as well as a contact address for further questions.
  • Promote the action by distributing mobilisation materials!
    Here you can find extensive mobilisation material, from great posters and informative flyers to various creative stickers.
  • Organize travel for yourself and others!
    This way you can not only use the trip to strengthen the relationships in your affinity group, but maybe also lower the participation hurdles for someone else by providing a self-organised bus (sorry, only in German) with solidarity ticket prices.
  • Form affinity groups before arriving!
    Now is the right time to form affinity groups. That way you have enough time to discuss in advance your motivations, your concerns, and how you plan to behave in certain situations, which will help you to form an affinity group with people who have similar attitudes and behaviour. What an affinity group is and how to form an effective group is explained on the affinity group page.

2. On site – before, during and after the action

  • Become a helper on site!
    Soon we will be looking for helpers who can participate in the construction and dismantling of the contact points as well as the action logistics. You can find out which tasks are waiting for you and how you can get involved here [LINK]. Even if you are not directly involved in the action, you have the opportunity to contribute to a great action.
  • Take part in the action!
    Be there when we stand with thousands of people between the coal excavators and the villages that may soon disappear. Take part in EG civil disobedience actions , which will block the infrastructure of RWE in the Rhineland or LEAG in the Lausitz. Little by little, plans are being made and information added to the website. So check back from time to time – and sign up for our newsletter!

3. Throughout the year

  • Local Ende Gelände groups
    In many cities and regions there are local Ende Gelände groups , which are always very happy to receive visitors! Activism is most fun, if you get to interact with “genuine” humans 😉. So don’t be shy and drop by!
  • Our working groups
    You can support Ende Gelände very effectively by joining an Ende Gelände working group . Here you can find information about the tasks of the working groups and the respective contact e-mail address. Just write to your preferred AG!