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Getting there 2020

This year, the arrival procedure is quite different from usual, in order to be able to deal with the danger of infection from Corona (in a structured way). Please keep to the routes defined here. This is the only way we can avoid a big chaos and people would have to drive around a lot before they find a place to sleep.

Because there will be no central camp this year but about 10 base stations to go, we had to find a way to fill these base stations evenly and to make sure that no place will be completely overcrowded. Therefore the locations of the base stations are NOT PUBLISHED in advance.

Here we present you what we have worked out 🙂
This year we clearly distinguish between 2 options of travel ((whereby option 1 is advantageous for all :)):

1. Getting there by organized bus/train journey in large groups – EG likes it most! (directly to your base station; please continue reading here. )

2. Getting there for small affinity groups / individuals (via a welcome point; please continue reading here. )

For both types of arrival you have the possibility to ask where you can find e.g. offers for BIPoC, FLINTA, barrier-free access. Both, MobiKoo and the welcome points will provide this information as far as it is available.

Is your affinity group arriving over several days? It goes like this:

One person of the affinity group registers the ENTIRE group and then can inform the “stragglers” about the location of your assigned base station  – please be very discreet with this information!

And here you can find special information about

PS: If you have been in a corona risk area in the past 14 days, please stay at home. So, please check the list of the Robert-Koch-Institute (23.Sept.2020).

Organized bus / train journey with groups (arrival directly at a base station)

You coordinate in advance as a group with bus or train travel?
That makes it easier! 🙂 Register your arrival in advance with the „Busmobi“ ( busmobi@ende-gelaende.org ( PGP-Key )). They will assign you to a base station and tell you where you will be traveling to.
Here you can find additional information how to organize a bus for your journey.

There are still people who belong to your group but can only follow you later?
Please also tell us the number of “stragglers” when you register! You can tell these people the location of the base station you have been assigned to, once you have got it.

Getting there for small affinity groups / individuals (arrival via the welcome points)

Are you traveling as an individual or in your affinity group?

Then your way will lead you between 23-25 September through our great welcome points . These will be vigils you can find in Cologne and Mönchengladbach near the train stations . There you will be informed at which base stations there are still places available and you will get all information about the journey, accommodation, etc.

What you should consider:

  • If possible, form affinity groups in advance ; this is easier to organize and also easier to overview from an infection point of view (currently the recommended maximum affinity group size from an infection protection point of view is 10 persons – please check our hygiene concept regularly!)
  • At the welcome points you will be assigned a base station to which you can then travel on. Please make sure to register there – at the base station – at the information point , so that the camps can also keep an overview of the number of people on site. This is very important!
  • In order to avoid excessive crowds at the welcome points, it is sufficient when only ONE person per affinity group stands in line and register the entire reference group (exact number of people including the “stragglers”) . In this way we can also make sure that you all stay at the same base station.
  • Please be aware that our base stations might get full and that there are no more free places. Then we will not be able to assign you a place to stay! Please check the homepage regularly, we will announce the total number of free places and update it regularly.