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Getting there for smaller affinity groups / individuals (arrival via the welcome points)

Are you traveling as an individual or in a small affinity group?

Then your way will lead you between 23-25 September through one of our great welcome points . These will be vigils you can find in Cologne main station (= Köln, in front of north entrance and south entrance) and Mönchengladbach train station (in front of main entrance). There you will be informed at which base stations there are still places available and you will get all information about the journey, accommodation, etc.

( Why can’t you travel directly to a base stations ? Please read the general information about Getting There !)

What you should consider:

  • If possible, form affinity groups in advance ; this is easier to organize and also easier to overview from an infection point of view (currently the recommended maximum affinity group size from an infection protection point of view is 10 persons – please check our hygiene concept regularly!)
  • At the welcome points you will be assigned a base station to which you can then travel on. Please make sure to register there – at the base station – at the information point , so that the base station can also keep an overview of the number of people on site. This is very important!
  • In order to avoid excessive crowds at the welcome points, it is sufficient when only ONE person per affinity group stands in line and register the ENTIRE reference group (exact number of people including the “stragglers”) . In this way we can also make sure that you all stay at the same base station.
  • Please be aware that our base stations might get full and that there are no more free places. Then we will not be able to assign you a place to stay! Please check the homepage regularly, we will announce the total number of free places and update it regularly.
  • Arrival by car : we are usually rather critical of arrivals by private car (we love public transport 🙂 ) – this year it is even more difficult for you, because you have to pick up your base station at one of the welcome points first. We urge you to keep to this rule so that the people at the base stations are not burdened by surprise with having to provide parking spaces for your car!
    You want to make your car/ minibus/ 9-seater available for the action? Then take a look at our join-in plattforms and register!