Stop Coal. System Change now!

Flow through our barriers! Inclusion and accessibility at Ende Gelände

The lives of many people are marked by massive barriers.
Some of them are visible, some are invisible, all are violent.
They are based on discriminating power relations.
They exist in wage work, in social life or in political-activist contexts.
This is also the case in the climate justice movement.
Even at Ende Gelände.

We must recognise the injustices and fight against them together.
The road to more inclusive activism is still long.
It is not enough to have a theoretical awareness of it.
The fight against the different forms of discrimination within Ende Gelände should become active and real.

Inclusion is not the icing on the cake, not a nice-to-have.
Inclusion must be part of our basic understanding as an emancipatory movement.

On the excavators we occupy it says “coal exit is hand work”.
At the beginning of every plenary session, it should be said loud and clear:
“Inclusion is hand work”.
Our structures should become more barrier-free.
This includes:
the plenary rooms,
the language we use there,
the action trainings
and the day of action.

We would like to invite you as activists to be a part of this breaking down of barriers yourself.
Be joyful and self-critical!

We will not let ourselves be dis_abled! We want to create solidary and barrier-free spaces at Ende Gelände. We want rooms that are accessible for everyone. Accessibility means: responding to individual needs and fighting for self-determination and participation for all.

We know that there are still many barriers at Ende Gelände. Our website, for example, is not yet barrier-free. We are working on this topic and are happy when people contact us who support us in this.

The fight for climate justice is also a fight for a more just society. A society in which everyone can develop and in which the needs of all are taken into account. Social norms are constructed – let us deconstruct them.

In this sense: System change, not climate change!

The Inclusion-AG (working group)

Do you have any suggestions and/or would you like to explicitly contribute to this topic at Ende Gelände?
Write to: inklusion-berlin@ende-gelaende.org

The AG tries to structurally build up inclusiveness at Ende Gelände and to remove (or flow through barriers;))

In some local groups there are also inclusion AGs. Contact your local group for more information. Your local group does not yet have an Inclusion-AG? Then you are welcome to found one!

Having less barrieres in action

From 23-28 September 2020, we will be designing a more accessible and inclusive form of action with the Colorful Finger.
You can find more information here .