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Press release, from 27 September, 2020

“Ende Gelaende” ends successful mass action of civil disobedience +++ “The climate justice movement is back!”

Erkelenz, 27 September, 2020

Today, the international climate justice movement “Ende Gelaende” (“Here And No Further!”) declared the end of the action weekend. More than 3,000 activists blocked coal and gas infrastructure in Rhineland mining area in western Germany. Ende Gelaende calls for an end to all fossil fuel and a fundamental system change. As part of the action an anti-colonial group of activists set an anti-racist focus in context of the worldwide Black-Lives-Matter protests.

“We are very satisfied with the successful action. With a variety of protests we have shown that it is time to keep coal and gas in the ground.”, Ende Gelaende spokesperson Ronja Weil draws a positive conclusion and comments: “Together with Fridays for Future we made clear – The worldwide climate justice movement is back!”

On Friday, more than 200,000 people in Germany took part in Fridays for Future’s global strike. On Saturday, Fridays for Future and the initiative “Alle Doerfer bleiben!” (All villages stay!) protested at the Garzweiler open-cast mine for climate justice and the preservation of the villages, threatened by depletion.

Paula Eisner, spokesperson of Ende Gelaende adds: “This weekend is a reason for hope. We will keep on fighting for a just and ecological system change. Side by side with the people from the villages we are able to stand up to large corporations like RWE. Our joint actions are only an idea of what is to come if RWE continues to demolish the villages.”

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