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Hygiene Concept 2020

Handout about coronavirus protection

( 20.09.2020 – Downloads: DE + EN )

[click here for the Corona Traceability Concept ]

The most important points for Ende Gelände 2020

Our protest against fossil fuels cannot wait. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic is costing lives worldwide and exacerbating injustices. We are aware that this brings about responsibilities for our protest. For this reason we have developed a hygiene concept that applies to the preparatory stage of the protest through to departure. In this handout, we summarize the most important points of the hygiene concept. In case of additional questions, please address directly to eg_hygiene@riseup.net ( PGP-key ).

Please read the handout carefully and discuss in your affinity group:

– How will we help to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19?
– How will we protect ourselves and vulnerable people in our environment from infection?

The Ende Gel ände Action Consensus 2020 includes the agreement that we will adhere to the hygiene concept. We gladly invite all people who align the consensus to participate in the action. Compliance with the hygiene concepts is also a prerequisite for official permits for meetings and camps. Non-compliance with the hygiene concepts can lead to exclusion from the action.

1. Who cannot participate this year? And whom do we advise against participating?

If you have symptoms or have had high-risk contact before the action: We strongly urge everyone who feels ill not to participate in order to minimize the risk of infection for all! Exclusion from participation also applies to everyone who has had contact with potentially ill people or has been in a risk area in the 14 days prior to arrival; see the list of the Robert-Koch-Institute (23.Sept.2020).

People with pre-existing conditions and risks: We strongly advise against people who have a higher risk of severe illness due to COVID-19 (for example, due to age or pre-existing conditions such as respiratory or cardiovascular diseases or cancer) from participating in the 2020 action. The particulate pollution in the vicinity of the mines can lead to a higher risk of COVID-19 infection.

2. Stable, regional affinity groups are indispensable!

Stable groups: Form affinity groups of maximum 10 people in preparation for the action. Members of affinity groups should look out for each other from arrival up to and including the return trip. The members of an affinity group should not be changed or exchanged under any circumstances!

Regional groups: It is important that the affinity groups are regionally organized! This is the only way to ensure a separate return trip for affinity groups (for example in cars) if an infection or suspicion of corona should occur (see below for more information).

3. Physical distancing, masks & hand washing

Physical distancing: The minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people applies everywhere, except within affinity groups. If this is not possible, a mask should always be worn.

Masks: Ende Gelände calls on all activists to bring at least 3 FFP2 masks without exhalation valve (important – otherwise you don‘t protect other people) for the action! (You can get FFFP2 masks in every pharmacy.) In previous actions we wore masks due to dust pollution. This year it is especially important to wear a mask, as particulate pollution can lead to a higher risk of corona infection. It is important to bring several masks as replacement, because valve-free masks need to dry after using them for approx. an hour. Ende Gelände provides FFP2 masks for those who are financially unable to purchase masks and for individuals who are at high-risk of severe illness due to COVID-19. Please also make sure to bring your everyday masks with you (approx. one p/day)!

Enclosed spaces & plenum: In enclosed spaces (including tents) it is necessary to wear a mask, follow the physical rule of 1.5 meters and to ensure the space is well ventilated. Plenary sessions will take place exclusively with delegates of the affinity groups.

Dynamic situations: It is not always possible to keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people during actions or demonstrations, for example due to external actors. We should try to avoid situations where the minimum distance cannot be maintained or attempt to keep them as short as possible.

Hand cleaning and disinfection: We should wash and/or disinfect our hands regularly and thoroughly according to the recommended procedure. Please bring disinfectant for your own use!

4. Fixed base stations (camps)

Fixed allocation, limited number of participants: There will be no large camp this year due to the pandemic. Instead we will have several fixed base stations. All activists/affinity groups are assigned to one base station. Your base station is fixed and cannot be changed. Access to the base stations will be limited if the maximum number of participants is reached.

What happens if a base station closes? It is important to know before arrival: if a base station is closed due to numerous cases of infection, all the affected groups will unfortunately have to return home. Due to the need to protect others against further spread of infection, it will not be possible to change to another base stations if your base station closes!

Information and one-way streets: Information boards are located at the marked entrance areas. In places where there are many people (info points, kitchens, sanitary facilities), please follow the marked one-way streets.

Hand signals and awareness: In meetings, we can make each other quickly aware of infection prevention through a fixed hand signal. The hand signal can be passed on by those standing in the surrounding area. At each base station there will be hygiene officers who can be contacted if participants need to report a risk of infection.

Kitchens: The kitchens will have hygiene concepts, which will be communicated at the base stations.

After the action: The return from the action and the time leading up to departure is always particularly emotionally charged. This year we have a very difficult challenge – we need to collectively conclude the action on a good note and at the same time pay special attention to protecting each other from infection. Please stick to program of your base station during this time!

5. If there is a suspected corona infection in an affinity group, the entire group must self-isolate!

What if someone has COVID-19 symptoms? If a person develops symptoms that give rise to suspicion of COVID-19, this person and their affinity group must immediately keep distance from all other people. The entire affinity group is obliged to refrain from further participation in the action and to isolate until safe departure.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, c ommon symptoms of Covid-19 are cough, fever, rhinitis, disturbance of the sense of smell and/or taste and pneumonia. Further symptoms include a sore throat, shortness of breath, headache, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, inflammation around the eyes, skin rash, swelling of lymph nodes, apathy/severe fatigue.

Where can affinity groups self -isolate? Clearly marked areas at the base stations are set up for self isolation. Within the marked area, a self-isolating affinity group should set up their tents, their own sanitary area, and an area for the distribution of food and cleaning of dishes. All participants who are required to self-isolate must strictly adhere to these rules. Participants who live in private quarters can isolate themselves there.

What is the process for a safe return trip? If possible, the return journey of affinity groups with suspected corona will made in a separate car or vehicle. This does not apply if there is a negative test result before the return journey.

6. After returning home

Two weeks: Despite precautions, infections can occur. Therefore, we strongly recommend all participants to reduce their social contacts in the two weeks following the campaign. In particular, contact with people at risk should be avoided. We recommend extensive self-isolation and corona tests in consultation with a doctor and the public health department.

Subscribe with an anonymous email address to the distribution list for information about the infection and/or follow the information via our social media channels, check regularly with your Corona ID whether you might have had contact with infected persons.

7. Anonymous traceability concept and health authorities

Participation and data protection: Indispensable part of this years hygiene concept is a traceability system. The active support of this system by every activist is part of the action consensus. Sick activists report immediately, so that all contact persons can be informed. This is the only way to break the chain of infection!

We aim to install a practicable and – as far as possible – anonymous system of traceability as well as high data protection. As official requirement and instructions could possibly change, you’ll find further and updated information online at: https://www.ende-gelaende.org/corona-rueckverfolgung-2020/

Please make sure to check the homepage shortly before arriving to the action!

When are local health authorities responsible and what does that mean? If there are many suspected cases of COVID-19 at one base station – which we hope to avoid by respecting strictly the hygiene concept – that base station will be closed. The local public health department is then responsible for isolation, testing and decisions on return travel timing. In this case, anonymization through our processes cannot be guaranteed.