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Out Of Action 2020 EN

… is a group of activists who provides information on the psychological consequences of repression and violence in the context of left-wing political resistance. They offer emotional first aid for affected individuals and groups and support solidarity with each other through discussions, information events and workshops.

There are Out of Action structures that can be contacted during and after the action and support you. From Thursday, September 24th until Sunday, September 27th the Out of Action structure can be reached by telephone at 0049 1521/3999066. The telephone can then be used to clarify how and where a personal conversation can take place. On Sunday, September 27th, the Out of Action structure can also be addressed in the AZ in Cologne . People who need to talk are invited to come there.

If you still have a need later, you can find contacts in the various cities at outofaction.blackblogs.org .