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Organized bus / train journey with larger groups

You coordinate in advance as a large group with bus or train travel?

That makes it easier! 🙂

Please register your arrival in advance with at the MobilisationCoordination (MobiKoo = former BusMobilisation) busmobi@ende-gelaende.org ( PGP-Key ). They will assign you to a base station and tell you where you will be traveling to.

If you arrive by train and contact us before booking your tickets , we can assign you to a base station early on and MobiKoo can tell you up to which train station you should book. (But you will not know the final destination until the day of arrival).

There are also groups who want to travel by 9-seaters instead of by bus We think that is fine too! :) If you plan your journey this way, please contact MobiKoo busmobi@ende-gelaende.org ( PGP-Key ).

On our map below you can see from where you can get there. The information is not yet complete – check back in the next few days!

Please email the following information to the Ende Gelände MobiKoo

  • Point of departure & stopovers
  • Date and time of departure
  • Planned arrival time
  • Number of buses (if not trains)
  • Number of seats of each bus (if not trains)
  • Number of “stragglers” belonging to your affinity groups (same base station)?
  • Contact details for ticket booking (public)
  • If possible a contact number to reach the contact person inside the bus
  • Will the bus and drivers be available for shuttle service during the action days? If yes, when and how many?

It’s absolutely crucial for us to know that/when you are arriving in order to keep the chaos to a minimum and to be able to support you all to the best we can! Hence, please also keep the bus coordination up-to-date in case of changing plans!

Here you can find updated information on to how to organize a bus for your journey (sorry in DE only; here in EN of 2019 )). Step by step you can read in it what you have to consider with the Bus-Orga, how people can find out about your bus and what to consider on arrival and departure.

If you plan your journey by train , you will find updated information here  (sorry, in DE only).

On this map you can find organized buses that will take you to the Rhineland , just use the contact details provided.
Please note: The information will be added gradually over the next few days, so it’s worth checking back often .