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Legal Matters

(last updated 25/09/2020)

During the action, you can reach us via phone under: +49 (0)30 – 340 603 13

If you receive mail from the police, the public prosecutor’s office or a court, contact us: legal_team_fuer_alle@posteo.de ( pgp-Key ).

The Legal Team For All has compiled relevant information so that you are well prepared for the action! :-) Documents will be updated soon. So far, the 2019-documents should generally be a solid base for this year.

Spend a look at upcoming events , if and where in your area there are anti-repression trainings for Ende Gelände actions!

Have fun in the action and take care of yourself!

Legal Follow-up

2017 is not the first time we meet with EndeGelaende in the Rhineland. We made many exciting experiences before, during and after our actions 2015 in the Rhineland and 2016 in the Lausitz region. Police and the judiciary stayed close on our heels. Read some reports here .

Our Solidarity Against Their Repression!

Further relevant hints ati ANTIRRR (Antirepessionsgruppe Rheinisches Revier) (website in DE):

About Hambi EA and Support:

  • declarations to cease and desist. Many activists have had to sign such declarations in recent years. What is the legal situation in Hambi? What does that mean for actions in the next days and weeks?
    PDF info leaflet “Untenlassen – statt Unterlassen … what does the situation in Hambi means to me (only in German)

Catact to “Legal Team For All”

The Legal Team For All is not an Ende Gelände working group , but an independent structure that accompanies various large-scale actions in the field of climate justice and is then there for all those affected by repression. For the Action Days 2017 and the Ende Gelände actions 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 the Legal Team is the anti-repression structure for all. If you have any questions, and by all means if you receive mail or similar from the police, public prosecutors, courts or RWE (or their lawyers) after the actions, please contact us:

legal_team_fuer_alle@posteo.de ( pgp-Key )

Our Solidarity Against Their Repression!